To submit a booking request for the Alexandria Harmonizers or the TBD small ensemble, please complete this form. Please note that due to scheduling needs, the Harmonizers and TBD require sufficient notice, usually a minimum of two weeks, before any requested performance date. Additionally, while we try to meet the needs of our patrons, the Harmonizers and TBD are normally not able to learn new/specific music for a particular performance.


Want to make a hit with your civic group, professional organization, or company? Feature the Alexandria Harmonizers at your next party, convention, or annual meeting! Our unique combination of cutting edge a cappella singing and old-fashioned showmanship will wow your audience and make your event the one they talk about for ages. Advance notice is key to booking a large group like the Harmonizers, so please contact us at least three to six months before your event.


TBD is the contemporary a cappella ensemble sponsored by the Alexandria Harmonizers and composed of 13 members of the performing chorus. They have performed at multiple venues in the DC area, including the Harmony Sweepstakes, and the Aca-Challenge, and numerous collaborative concerts with other groups, becoming a hit with local fans and fellow aca-groups. If you are looking for a smaller or more contemporary group to perform at your function, TBD is right for you. For more information about TBD, see this handout: